The training and recruitment division at ABSS is managed by Ex-Defence Service Personnel. As part of initial general requirement, basic training in military drill is imparted and the bearing of a raw person is perfected. Trainings are provided to both armed and non-armed personnel under our industrial security services. All our instructors are trained under extreme conditions in armed forces to adapt themselves to handle difficult situations, therefore they are able to replicate the same for our candidates.


  • Managed by Ex-defence Service Personnel
  • Training methodology includes class room lectures and outdoor activities
  • Syllabus is as recommended by Private Security Regulation Act (PASARA-2005)
  • Not only do we train guards in class rooms, but continue on the job training so they meet out solutions best suited for you
  • Soft skills and communication training to enable clear and quality experience
  • Basic computer skills as per requirement

The list of mandatory trainings based on individual roles are summarized in the below table:

S. No. Training Name Time Requirement Description
1 Security guard training - PSARA related 15 days As prescribed by respective state governments under PSARA 2007
2 Security supervisor training - PSARA related 7 days As prescribed by respective state governments under PSARA 2007
3 Personal security officer - PSO 10 days As prescribed for security guards with special attention on weapon handling, threat perception, knowing VIP, security of 'Priority Person' (PP) at home / office / function / on the move and how to rescue the PP out of a situation
4 Security, fire fighting and first aid 5 days Concepts of security in offices, societies and other facilities
Access control as per facility requirement
Surveillance, use and management of CCTV
Security equipment and their usage
Theory of fire
Types of fire extinguishers and their use (practical)
Different types of hydrants
First aid - basic concepts
First - aid (practical)
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
Evacuation and rescue operation
5 On site orientation 14 days Customized on the job training as per finer requirements of individual facility and stakeholders